Tough Government Rules Will Bring In More Car Insurance by Uninsured Drivers

The UK has the highest number of uninsured drivers in Western Europe. According to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, the uninsured drivers have injured 23,000 people and killed around 160 so; there is a link between the uninsured drivers and unsafe driving. The bureau also states that the uninsured drivers are five times more likely to be involved inroad traffic defaults or road accidents.
The financial consequences of the uninsured driving are faced by the law abiding insured drivers. The cost of accidents involving uninsured drivers is managed by the car insurance policy premium of insured drivers. With car insurance tough rules and regulations more and more of the uninsured drivers will go for insurance and average insurer will be able to save around £30 per year on their premiums.
The new tough rules and regulations will leave Britain roads evacuated from uninsured drivers. According to the new ruling the uninsured cars will be crushed or impounded. Now even the insurance dodgers will also find it difficult to evade the detection procedure for the uninsured vehicle as insurance credentials will be checked on central database. The insurance industry has joined hands with DVLA to compare the databases and get the uninsured motorists. The tough rules and regulations might motivate the uninsured drivers to get the car insurance quotes from car insurance comparison site.
The new rules will make it mandatory to get insured even for never used vehicle. Some people might not be using their vehicle due to financial or medical reasons so they are developing anger against this obligatory law of car insurance. But in case of any emergency you might use your never used vehicle and in such condition the car will be a risk on road. The unused car owner can shop around and find a cheap car insurance policy for their never used cars.
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