Too Many Mobile Phone Offences

You would have thought that the prospect of being fined £200 and receiving 6 points on your driving license would put people off from the illegal use of mobile phones in their vehicles. Well, according to data obtained by Admiral, in excess of 20,000 drivers were convicted of illegally using their mobile phones during the last 12 months. You will no doubt agree that is a huge number of motorists and it is a concerning statistic.

Not only could a motorist found guilty of using their mobile phone whilst driving in an illegal manner be faced with the above penalties but he or she could also be faced with having to pay an awful lot more for their motor insurance. This is because the insurer may well look to charge the motorist more for their cover. In fact, it is estimated that some motorists could see their premiums go up by as much as 95%.

When you consider that the average cost of insuring a car has reached an all time high that could result in someone’s premium going up by a huge amount of money and is something that a motorist could do without.

So, if you do not have a hands free mobile phone system in your car then you may seriously wish to consider putting your mobile phone in the glove box of your car so that you are not tempted to either answer an incoming call or make a phone call whilst at the wheel of your motor vehicle.

Apparently, illegally using a mobile phone was the joint third most popular reason why a motorist had notified Admiral about a conviction over the previous two years with 3% of offences being because of this. The top offence was for being caught on a public road speeding at 71% and in second place was being caught on a motorway speeding at 16%.

So, don’t use your mobile phone in an illegal manner whilst driving your motor vehicle or you could find having to pay an awful lot more for your car insurance that is something we are sure you will agree you could do without.