The Top Ten Vandalised Cars

For many people their car is their pride and joy and they are probably working very hard to pay for it-especially in the present difficult financial climate. It is unpleasant enough if you are involved in an accident whilst driving but, in some respects, it is even worse if your car is vandalised. So, let’s look at a list of the cars that are more likely to be vandalised and then talk about ways of reducing the likelihood of this happening.

vandalism may result in you having to compare car insurance premiums on car insurance comparison sites1  Lexus IS

2  BMW Z4

3  Mini One

4 Mercedes-Benz CLK

5  Audi TT

6  Mazda MX-5

7  BMW X5

8  Skoda Octavia

9  BMW 525

10  BMW 530

As you can see executive cars such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lexus are particularly vulnerable to being vandalised whereas the likes of Citroens and Fords are less likely to suffer such indignation.

So, how can you reduce the likelihood of having your car vandalised and making a claim on your car insurance. After all, do you really want to have to go on a car insurance comparison website to compare car insurance premiums because your renewal premium shows a big increase in premium.

Garage your car

Try and put your car in the garage every night as this should reduce or contain your premiums and not make it as vulnerable to theft or vandalism compared to being left on the street.

Park it on your drive

If you do not have a garage leave your car on the drive over night.

Car Cover

Why not invest in a car cover which will not only protect your car against the weather but will discourage someone trying to get at the bodywork to vandalise it as the cover provides a “shield” and may discourage the vandal from making that extra effort to remove part of the car cover.

Security Devices

Cars are often vandalised by a thief trying to break into the vehicle so if you have an alarm, tracking device and immobiliser fitted advertise this fact on your windscreen to act as a deterrent to the thief.

Remove Valuables

Don’t leave belongings in your car such as sat nav, mobile phone, iPod, camera, handbag, wallet, jewellery etc as these will only encourage a thief to try to break into the vehicle.

Lock your car

There are a staggering number of people who forget to lock their car over night-don’t put your car at risk by being one of those statistics.

Just by following the above suggestions may result in your car avoiding being vandalised.