The non-insurers need to get an insurance policy soon

If you have forgotten to renew your insurance policy then your vehicle might go for the scrapheap. It is important to have a car insurance policy for the safety of the driver and the car but still there are so many people who are driving their car without any insurance. There are around 1.4 million people in UK who are driving unsafe and costing around £500m a year to the honest insurers by adding extra £30 to their car insurance policies. The non-insurers cause accidents and crashes due to irresponsive driving that lead to the claim by the other driver but these results in premium hike.

The government will pass a legislation that will make it illegal to own an uninsured car. The Continuous Insurance Enforcement’s new legislation will decrease the impact of uninsured drivers on road, as this will reduce not only accidents but also premium price. The records of the Motor Insurance Database will be compared with that of the DVLA database to identify the uninsured vehicles. Then the owner of such car will get a letter of notification and in case he still don’t get any car insurance then he will be heavily fined or the car will be sent to the scrap. So get a reasonable car insurance policy by comparing the quotes online at car insurance comparison site.

If you are not using the car or its standing in your garage without wheel then it is advisable to declare it off road. As this way, you can save your vehicle from going in scarp and will also not break law. But the new law can even penalize the law abiding drivers as sometimes the insurers genuinely forget to renew their car insurance policy while they are holidaying their car insurance policy will collapse and they might get penalized for it.

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