The Insurance Premium for Women Rises with Age

The older women have to bear more insurance premium charges than the single man. The car insurance premium of the car for older women shows significant rise unexpectedly whereas earlier the women used to enjoy the low premium car insurance policy privilege as compared to men.

According to a study, it is explored that the premium pricing differences of men and women differ in different ages. Younger women enjoy low premium from car insurance companies due to their good driving abilities but the older women have to bear high premium prices as they mature. The age of the women plays an important role in raising premium prices.

The car insurance quotes for woman after reaching 60 years of their age rise significantly. The older woman has to bear a hike in a premium of around £80 per year based on gender difference with age. The insurer admits that the risk level of the customer influences the premium being offered. The older women drive at normal speeds unimpaired so get involved in normal accident statistics where the older men drive slowly and safely as they can’t judge the road so don’t get involved in any accident. That is why, the older man car insurance is found to be less than the older woman, as the risk factor is more towards the older woman than older man is.

The older man drives at a speed of 40mph along both single and dual carriageways, which is also a bigger threat to the safety of road accident. The insurers calculate the premium based on gender and under equal opportunities legislation, the people might remain thinking while the premium prices will have to adjust according to the new ruling.

However, with car insurance comparison site, even elder women can enjoy obtaining an affordable quote for the car insurance.

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