The Implications Of Modifying Your Car

Some car enthusiasts may wish to modify their vehicles to give the vehicle a personal touch and make it unique. After all, to own a car that is a “one of a kind” appeals to quite a lot of people.

However, are there any implications if you were to make some changes to your car such as adding a rear spoiler or having wide wheel arches fitted or perhaps replacing the engine with a “supped up” version? Potentially, the answer is “yes”.

For instance, if you wish to modify the car in any way, you will need to get in touch with the provider of your car insurance to notify them of any modifications. Why is this necessary?

Quite simply, if you modify the car, it could make it more expensive to insure. If you replaced the engine with a much more powerful one then the risk of you being involved in a road traffic accident goes up and therefore so will your motor insurance premiums. If you replaced your standard non-alloy wheels with alloys costing an awful lot of money then they are more likely to be stolen by a car thief. The cost of such alloys is likely to be far greater than standard non-alloy wheels to replace. In which case, surely it makes sense that the cost of arranging cover for your car is likely to be more expensive.

Unfortunately, some modified cars are more appealing to a car thief than one that has had no such modifications. This is because such cars are highly desirable and can often easily be sold on by the person stealing your car.

Do bear in mind that by modifying a car it could mean that you require specialist car insurance as it may no longer fall into one of the standard 50 insurance groups. This may mean that there are less insurance companies prepared to consider covering such a car thus increasing the cost.

This may surprise you but the Land Rover Discovery and the Land Rover Range Rover are two of the cars that feature in the list of the top ten cars that end up getting modified. The most popular vehicle to get modified is the Subaru Impreza.

Do not forget to get in touch with your motor insurance provider should you be modifying your car because if you fail to notify them and you are involved in a road traffic accident of your vehicle gets stolen then you may not be insured.