The Impact Of Speeding On Car Insurance Premiums

Car insurance premiums are expensive enough without you potentially adding to the cost especially in the current economic climate. So, why take the risk of seeing your car insurance premiums increase significantly by going above the speed limit whilst driving.

Car insurance premiums may increase if you are caught speeding

Speeding can impact on your car insurance premiums

In reality, if you are going on a short journey the time saved by travelling a few miles above the speed limit will be insignificant anyway, yet could result in you being faced with an increase in your car insurance premiums of several hundred pounds. Another thing to bear in mind is that if you go abroad on holiday and hire a car the car insurance may well be greater as a result of your speeding offence.

So, if you are caught speeding, whether it be as a result of a static speed camera or a mobile one, you could be faced with a choice of having 3 points on your license and a £60 fine or attend a course about speeding and pay an £80 fine or even worse depending on the severity of the speeding offence.

Until recently, many people that had been caught speeding elected to attend the course because they believed that they would not need to inform their car insurer of the offence and, therefore, it would not impact on their car insurance premiums. Well, a few weeks ago, one or two car insurers changed their policy and will now also take into account the offence even if you opt for attending the course.

Of course, the increased premiums will not be in place for only one year but for many years to come so that rush to get to the office because you may be a couple of minutes late could cost you dearly as far as your car insurance premiums are concerned.

So, please drive within the speed limit and avoid having to pay hundreds of pounds per annum more for your car insurance.