The Impact Of Adding An Additional Driver To Your Car Insurance

Many people presume that by adding someone else to their car insurance policy so that they can drive your vehicle and have the same cover as you on your car that the premium will increase. However, this need not be the case. In fact, quite the reverse can sometimes happen.

car insurance premiums may change when adding an additional driver

Adding an additional driver to your policy may or may not make a difference to your premium

An insurance company could reduce your premium on the basis that you may be driving your car less frequently because someone else has access to it. In saying that, collectively, both you and the additional driver could spend more time driving the car than it was previously being driven.

Of course, when assessing the risk, the car insurance company will take into account various factors about the other driver. For instance, if they are an experienced driver the premium may stay the same or sometimes drop. However, if the additional driver is young and inexperienced, the opposite may be the case and the premium may rise.

It should be borne in mind by the additional driver that, in most cases, by being an additional driver, they will not be able to start adding up the number of years driving experience as far as building up a no-claims bonus is concerned when it comes to arranging a car insurance policy in their own name as not many insurers will take this into account. Some will, when you are taking out your own policy with the same insurer that you were an additional policyholder with.

As always, it pays to shop around when considering adding someone to your car insurance policy as you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere than with your existing insurer. One of the ways of doing this is to use a car insurance price comparison website preferably choosing a website that provides access to as many insurers as possible thus giving you more opportunity to get a better deal.