The Car Insurance Premium Costs More Even After Paying the Excess

A general notion is that the car insurance premium reduces if we pay the excess. The common thought goes that the motorists can reduce the cost of the car insurance by taking out the policy where they can cover the cost of their excess. This makes the driver of the vehicle to pay an amount of money the in case of any accident, which is termed as excess.

As the motorists are spending money to cover the cost of their accident so, the cost of the insurance premium should reduce. However, according to the research by an insurance company, it is observed that after increasing the excess, the car insurance premium of various insurance companies become more expensive. You will get to know that even by paying for the excess you are unable to reduce the premium price. Therefore, by paying the excess on your car insurance it is not guaranteed whether you will get a cheaper premium or not.

The chief executive of the consumer body told that the big car insurance company names not only lack in service but are also befooling the customers by charging them high even after the payment of the excess amount. The common sense of every person suggests that by increasing your excess you will pay less for the policy. However, it is found that the car insurance premium increases even after increasing the excess from £350 to £550.

The drivers if require a good car insurance policy and desire to pay less should use comparison sites to get the best deal. You can easily compare the insurance quotes of various insurance companies on car insurance comparison sites depending on the varied amount of excess. The comparison site requires some of the details of the driver and you will get the complete list of various insurance providers with their prices. Opt for the comparison site offer good incentives to the motorists if they switch in form of cash back.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.