The car insurance customer fatigue causing accident

The tired and fatigue drivers are unable to concentrate on road thereby increasing the chances of meeting an accident. According to a recent report of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents the driver’s fatigue is connected with the accidents whether minor, serious or fatal. The report carries the information guide regarding the tiredness levels among drivers, its contribution to road accident and prevention measures.

The factsheet also revealed that the young males, company car drivers, truck drivers and shift workers are more likely to fall asleep while driving on long journeys. During the long journeys if the driver is tired then the risk of sleep related accidents is quite high. The driver who meet with an accident due to his own fault might find it difficult to get complete claim. It is better to be alert and take preventive measures to prevent any collision.

The drivers who have to embark a long journey must take a good sleep to ensure better concentration on road. If you are undertaking any long journey then try to avoid between midnight and 06:00 as the chances of falling asleep are more during this time period.

The dangers of sleep apnoea are explained to the car insurance customers in a recent road safety event. In such condition the driver will fall asleep with some disturbance in person’s breathing which results in more tiredness during the daytime. The more a driver feel tired less he will concentrate on road which will either cause damage to the car or lead to accident.

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