The Car Crime in Winter Rises Warned by the Insurance Company

The danger of car crime will increase this winter according to a car insurance company. That is why the insured motorists have been warned to beware of such dangers to avoid any theft of their vehicle. The car owners need to be extra vigilant for the safety of their vehicle in the long winter nights. The drivers must remain cautious and avoid any action that will make them an easy target for the thieves.

In case, the motorists leave their car unlocked then their car insurance policy invalidate so be cautious about the closing of the vehicle to get a claim in case of any theft. As if the mistake is from the drivers end then the insurance company will not offer any cover but if even after every precaution the thief still take away the car, then the insurance company will offer the claim. You can also check out the car insurance comparison site regarding the claims against the car theft by insurance companies.

The car insurance company carried a survey among its customers online and found out that people are not taking cautious actions this winter to avoid any damage or theft of their vehicle. Among the surveyed insurance customers, 32% were not parking their vehicle in the well-lit area. So, if you have parked your car in dark zone in winter nights then it become easy for the thieves to target that car.

More than 70% of the insurance customers have admitted that they go for Christmas shopping while leaving their presents on the car back seat. Therefore, the expensive gifts on the car seat attract the robbers to either damage the car or take it away. 24% of the insured customers leave their engines in running mode while defrosting the windscreens of the car. Therefore, it gives an easy opportunity to the thieves to rob the car.

Such actions give an easy opportunity to the thieves and you can easily become the victim of the car crime this winter season. The long cold night give more time to the thieves to commit car theft. Therefore, the people must take few precautions to avoid any attraction of thieves like removing or either concealing the valuable gif6ts or any other item from the car.

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