The Benefits Of Winter Tyres

With the colder weather not far away, it is worth discussing winter tyres and the potential benefits. After all, it is a known fact that there are more road traffic accidents during the winter months due to the slippery conditions caused by snow, ice and water than at other times of the year resulting in an increase in motorists claiming on their car insurance policies.

If it is wintry conditions you may find it easier to drive with winter tyres fitted.

Having winter tyres fitted may make it easier to drive in ice and snow.

Winter tyres are constructed in such a way that they should grip the road better than a normal tyre in low temperatures and disperse water from the tyres on the road quicker. This should result in it being safer to drive in wintry conditions but motorists should still take extra care whilst driving in winter.

Yes, winter tyres do tend to cost more than normal tyres but it would mean that you are not wearing out your normal tyres as quickly as they are not being used all year round.

Do bear in mind that some car insurance companies require that you notify them if you wish to have winter tyres fitted but most will not require you to pay an additional premium as long as they are roadworthy and are manufactured and fitted to the car manufacturer’s specifications.

If you are using winter tyres then it is less likely that you will be involved in a road traffic accident. So, another potential benefit in having winter tyres fitted is in respect of your car insurance policy. This is because, if you are not a party to an accident in your car then you will not need to claim on your car insurance policy which could have had an impact on your no claims bonus and the premium that you may be asked to pay when your premium comes up for renewal.

So, you may wish to make some enquiries about having winter tyres fitted to your car as well as speaking to your car insurance provider about the possibility of having such tyres fitted.