The Benefits Of Multi-Car Insurance

We are sure that you will agree any way that you can save some money has got to be welcomed in the present financial climate. Yes, there may be an evident improvement in the economy but we could all do with saving a few extra pounds.

A family can even insure cars that are not located at the same address with a multi-car insurance policy

It may be cheaper to insure two cars with a multi-car insurance policy

So many people pay very little attention to their car insurance renewal document when it arrives through the letterbox. However, if you have more than one car that needs insuring in the family then you may wish to look into multi-car insurance.

Multi-car insurance is a policy that can include cover for a number of vehicles even if they are located at more than one address. For instance, you and your partner could each have a car insured on a multi-car insurance policy as well as your son or daughter who is away at university.

Nowadays, there are a number of providers of this type of car insurance so it could pay to shop around. You can do this by using the likes of a price comparison website.

So, how can you save money with this sort of car insurance? Well, because there is only one policy, it is no doubt easier and more cost effective for an insurance company to provide the cover and pass any saving in administration costs on to the policyholder. You will have just one premium coming out of your bank account each month and the policy will be reviewed on the same date each year.

However, each main driver will have their own no-claims discount so if one person were involved in an accident and claimed on the policy it would only be their no-claims discount that would be affected.

It costs you nothing to get one or more quotes for multi-car insurance so why not consider doing that close to when your policy is due to be renewed. You can set up such a policy with just one car and then add others in a few months time when their insurance is due for renewal.