The Benefits Of A Dash Cam

With car insurance premiums having been on the increase in the last year or two motorists would no doubt welcome any way that they may be able to reduce the cost of their motor insurance. Well, fitting a dash cam to their vehicle may enable the motorist to have the cost of their cover lowered by as much as a fifth.

car insurance premiums may be reduced if a motorist has a dash cam fitted to their vehicle.

A Dash Cam may help lower your car insurance premiums.

Dash cams have been growing in popularity and have at least two potential benefits to the driver of the vehicle to which it is attached. Firstly, the video evidence provided by the dash cam could be used to support a claim should the motorist need to go down this route. The video could provide documentary evidence of who was at fault for a road traffic accident. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, the insurer of the vehicle may be able to lower the premium if such a device were fitted.

Apparently, it is possible to purchase a dash cam for just under £50 so it would appear that the initial capital outlay might be recouped by the possible saving on the first year’s premium. Obviously, as with most products, the motorist could pay considerably more for a dash cam.

The dash cam is quite small and is usually fitted on the inside of the top of the windscreen. So, it is not something that gets in the way.

So, why not shop around and speak to a number of car insurance providers to establish if they would provide a discount on the cost of your car insurance if you have a dash cam fitted and what that discount would be. Armed with this information you can then decide if it is potentially worth your while in buying a dash cam.

There are a number of retail outlets selling dash cams so, as competition increases, this may impact on the price of this product. Why not let us assist you in obtaining a competitive car insurance quote.