The Benefit Of Protecting Your No Claims Discount

When you have had your car insurance in place for a number of years there is an optional extra that will probably become available to you. We are referring to the ability to protect your no claims discount that you have started to build up.

protecting your no claims discount doesn't usually cost a great amount

Protecting your no claims discount may save you money

This discount will be built up if you do not make a claim on your policy in the early years of taking it out. The discount varies between insurance companies but typically as much as 60% can eventually be obtained but can be more in some cases.

The no claims discount has the effect of reducing the premium that you pay and the benefit grows over a number of years until you reach the maximum percentage discount that the insurance company will provide. If you had to make a claim during this period then the level of discount provided would reduce.

However, you can protect this no claims bonus by paying slightly more each month to the car insurance company. This means that if you were to claim on your policy then your premium will not rise by anywhere near as much as it would have done had you not taken out this optional extra.

It may be possible to make more than one claim over a given period of time without your premium changing dramatically. Each insurance company has its own set of rules in this respect so you may wish to check the policy terms and conditions of a number of providers when looking for this optional extra.

One of the ways of doing this is to use the likes of a price comparison website as this should provide you with access to a number of different car insurance providers. Such websites make it extremely easy to quickly obtain numerous quotes and read the policy conditions.