Taxi Insurance from car insurance comparison sites

A vehicle being used a taxi in the UK will require a customized insurance cover than any other standard policy. The logic and reason behind this lies in the fact, that a taxi driver is more liable than a normal driver. The added responsibility of carrying passengers and ensuring their safety is the main factor. An insurance cover for a taxi should ensure the driver’s safety, passengers’ safety and other people on the road. At the same time, it should also cover the driver’s risk of loss of business due to taxi damage. Various car insurance comparison sites can help you in finding suitable taxi insurance for your taxi.
Employer’s liability insurance cover is legally required for a driver if he is into a family taxi business and has employees from outside the family. If a driver is using a private hire vehicle as a taxi, the law requires him to have a taxi insurance of a minimum level against third party liabilities. If the taxi is being used for full time, a fully comprehensive policy is advisable.
A public liability insurance cover for a taxi will protect the driver from third party liabilities in the event of an injury or any other damage during the normal taxi operations. A material damage insurance cover for a taxi will extend to various assets owned by the firm( including building, stock, contents or computer equipments) from damage or loss due to fire, theft or other mishaps.
Car insurance comparison sites also offer a business interruption insurance cover. It extends to cover the losses arising due to turnovers or any other damage to the firm’s property leading to abnormal operations of the taxi business. A money insurance cover policy can also reimburse the driver, the money that got stolen from the firm’s premises.
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