Stricter Law Implication Shows Promise of Lowered Insurance Premiums

The car insurance comparison sites have always been troubled with the rogue drivers and the insurance industry experts believe that half the crisis within the sector is a direct result of the accidents that these motorists have caused. However, very soon these motorists may be clamped off the roads as the Government is planning on a penalty of £50 every time they get involved in an offence. It should be understood that these rogue and irresponsible drivers have been the sole reason for the increasing number of accidents as well as the poor performance of the insurance sector. The likeliness of these drivers being involved in mishaps such as that of traffic rule offences, criminal activities, road collisions, as well as other serious implications run high if these motorists are not taken completely off the roads.

Although, the government has come up with the required penalty measures, the industry experts believe that the punishment is not strong enough to keep the problems at bay. The increasing number of accidents and deaths could not be compensated with a soulless penalty. More and more groups across the nation have been raising their voices to protest against the current penalty system aiming at ensuring that these drivers get a better treatment of justice while the sufferers get justice. It has been noted that such drivers have been responsible for the increasing costs of the insurance premiums for the honest drivers who have been paying an additional £30 for their premiums. The MID has launched a program to track down the culprits through their license plates as well as their insurance records ensuring that they do not go unpunished.

The measures will soon be rolled out with the upcoming year as the target year for the same. Car insurance comparison sites as well as the insurance experts have welcomed the move trusting that the offenders will soon face the tough side of law and justice with adequate fines and jailing if required.

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