Some Range Rovers In The Capital Attracting Car Thieves

One of the factors that affect the premium that you pay for your car insurance is where you leave your car parked overnight. For instance, if you park it in your garage it is likely to cost less to insure than if you left it on your drive or, worse still, on the road outside your home.

A number of Range Rovers have attraced the attention of London car thieves

The Range Rover Evoque seems to attract some car thieves in London

If you live in central London you are more likely to find that you don’t have a garage or even a drive. Therefore, you are often left with little option if you want to keep your car close to your home other than to park it on the street outside your property.

Well, if you own an executive car like a Range Rover you may find some insurance companies are reluctant to insure it unless you securely park it off road and have specialist security devices fitted. Apparently, some insurers are concerned at the number of certain Range Rovers that are being stolen in London.

For instance, from January to July 2014, not far off 300 Range Rover Sports and Range Rover Evoques have been stolen in the capital. Thieves are attracted to cars that come equipped with “keyless” ignition systems as it is sometimes possible for them to obtain a hand held device to gain access to them.

The cost of obtaining secure off road parking in the, shall we say, “better parts of central London” may prove to be expensive.

Certain executive cars can come under a higher insurance group for a number of reasons. Therefore, it probably pays to shop around for suitable car insurance with one of the ways of doing so being to use the likes of a price comparison website and/or contact a broker that specialises in arranging cover for executive vehicles.

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