Service Stations Losing Charm For Car Insurance Owners

The car insurance owners in UK are snubbing the service stations due to their cost and dirtiness. The motorists claim that the service stations in UK are expensive and not enough clean so they avoid using them.
According to a survey, 25% of the car owners prefer to use supermarket for food, fuel and travel provisions rather than the service stations.

Even 4% of the surveyed car owners polled in favour of overseas service stations, as they were cleaner and cost effective then home country service stations. The staff of overseas stations is polite so it become convenient for even tourists to get the needed travel provisions from there.

The car owners are preferably selecting cheaper supermarket sites to get their needed fuel and travel provisions rather than going for service stations. The car owners are ready to turn off their motorway but avoid taking any help from the service station. This survey in favour of supermarket must alarm the service station owners and they must take needed steps to improve their service and keep their station clean.

The car insurance owners avoiding the service stations needed to keep their car maintained as the supermarket might offer you cheap fuel and other travel provisions but your car also need proper maintenance. The car users are nowadays preferably choosing new technology base car accessories to drive safely from supermarket like sat-nav systems and hands free kits.
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