Save On Insurance With New Car Registration

In March, the new car registration plates are out and more of the car owners are running behind them. Some of the potential car buyers have even delayed their purchase to get new plates in March. According to the car insurance comparison site, the motor insurance premium of 5-10 years old cars is more when compared to 2011 model. The newer car demands less insurance premium as compared to older one.

It is a common notion that a new car is quite expensive to insure as compared to older one, but with new car registration plates, one can save on car insurance too. Now, the new cars are available at the car insurance premium that many would not even expect.

While buying a new car, one of the deciding factors remain car insurance as the premium charges are raising by 44 pence on average per day. The steep rise in car insurance premium is pushing the car owners to opt various methods to save on car insurance premium. The car dealers offer various insurance perks to the customers at the time of sale so you can easily get affordable insurance policy and discount on the car purchase.

The car owners who buy a new car in March get a year of car insurance free. After this great perk runs off, you need to save money by shopping around for car insurance policy.

While renewing your car insurance policy look around and shop for the best deal. The motorists who plan to stick with their old insurer might be able to end in an expensive deal as motorists lose up to £270 each while renewing from old insurer. Even the policy might be not that competitive and beneficial as expected. It is better to search for the car insurance policy that will be suitable to you in all circumstances.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.