Road Drawings Ensure Safe Drawings by Car Insurance Customers

The drivers in Norwich drive too fast so, to ensure road safety now the residents have also joined with local council by doing drawings on roads.

The local councils are running short of budget so cannot spend on road safety measures like cameras and speed bumps. Some of the area councillors are of the opinion that the high influential families in the area should come out to compensate the lack of funds.

This does not mean that every resident needs to shell out huge money from the pocket for road safety project. The people can join in the DIY street scheme as other road safety measure to ensure safety on UK roads without spending money.

In Oxford in Beech Croft, the residents have painted diamonds on the road to indicate that the street is used by the children so that the over speeding drivers can slow down their car and drive safely. The initiatives by the communities for road improvement and safety will bring back the respect for streets by the drivers. The motorists will then drive the car safely without over speeding and taking sharp turns.

A survey has revealed that around 53% of the speed cameras in Wales and England are operational at just one time so it becomes necessary to take initiatives and ensure more road safety. The residents have set up in the road safety project and strengthen the efforts made by the local council to ensure road safety.

The safe driving by the driver will help in getting low car insurance quotes from car insurance comparison site. Most of the providers prefer to give promotional offers and cheap insurance deals to the motorists with safe driving record. The road safety initiatives by the residents will further help the drivers to drive safely on roads and prevent any accident.

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