Rise In Eco Friendly Insurance

The motorists are now keen on buying eco friendly car insurance especially the student drivers. The UK roads now see more of hybrid cars running making many motorists to take up green eco insurance.
According to a survey, around 74% drivers are concerned about the rise in petrol prices so driving in economical way to combat the hike.

They either opt for car pooling or public transport to save on fuel. The frequency of long journeys has also reduced to save on fuel. The drivers are also trying to opt the economical vehicles as a survey revealed that three out of five car buyers with 08-registered car now trying to buy a vehicle with low CO2 emissions.

The people driving hybrid vehicles look out for eco friendly car insurance policies. With more and more of people opting green insurance, the other drivers are becoming aware of these insurance products, which help in making it more popular among the UK drivers.

The students get benefit on the green car insurance that otherwise have to pay heavy insurance premium. The students can not only save money but also get proper cover while driving.

More of the motorists are looking to switch over to green insurance while renewing the car insurance policy or seeking a new one for their new car. While searching for car insurance policy at car insurance comparison site most of the car owner looks at the price factor only.

But it is wise to look for both price and service along with company name. The credibility of the company will give you peace of mind while driving that you are in safe hands in case of any emergency. The green insurance helps in covering the car damages in case of any collision and is also environment friendly.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.