Renault model may appeal to budget conscious motorists

Renault Megane Extreme

Renault Megane Extreme

The number of motorists searching for car insurance comparison sites for Renault models may increase after the launch of a new vehicle. According to the manufacturer, the Megane Hatch Extreme is perfect for tough economic times as it represents excellent value for money.

Priced from £13,250 the model is an entry-level car, but the company insisted it has not compromised when it comes to equipment. Buyers will find that the model has a range of standard fittings, such as front electric windows, air conditioning and a music system that has a radio, a CD player and a MP3 player. Renault stated that the car was ideal for those motorists looking for something “frugal, refined and stylish”.

The model is due to arrive in the showrooms in the month of June and is available to order immediately. Vehicle buyers keen to reduce their motorists costs may find they can get a cheap quote from car insurance comparison sites online.

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