Queen’s Speech Mentions False Whiplash Claims

The Queen’s Speech always receives much attention from the press with this year’s one being no different. There were many things covered in the speech with one of those relating to whiplash claims made by motorists that will have an impact on the car insurance industry.

Hopefully, we will see a reduction in motor insurance premiums following the Queen's Speech about reducing fraudulent whiplash claims.

The Queen’s Speech made reference to reducing fraudulent whiplash claims.

For quite some time the insurance industry has been seeking ways to reduce the number of fraudulent whiplash claims that results in a large number of payouts that should not have been made. As a result, this has meant that all motorists have had to pay more for their motor insurance than they should do.

The Civil Liability Bill includes details about how whiplash claims are to be dealt with. It is expected that the number of fraudulent whiplash claims supposedly caused by people being involved in road traffic accidents will reduce and that those making genuine claims are suitably recompensed. There will be a fixed tariff in respect of payouts for whiplash claims.

So, will the motorist benefit financially from the above? Well, it is being forecast that motor insurance premiums may reduce by as much as £35 to £40 per annum. That is no small sum and would be welcomed by policyholders as many have seen their car insurance premiums increase in the last 12 months or so.

As we have mentioned before, it is important that motorists shop around to make sure that they obtain a competitive deal when it comes to arranging their car insurance. It will not come as a surprise to read that there are many providers of car insurance here in the UK so it would be a sensible idea to try to get the cover that you require for a competitive premium. There are many ways that you can try to do this such as by getting in touch with as many providers as possible. A quick and simple way to possibly do this is to use the services of one or more price comparison websites via the Internet.