Provide Full Details To Get Cheap Quotes, Say Car Insurance Experts

Insurance companies have advised drivers to ensure that they provide as much details as possible while obtaining car insurance premiums, so as to receive the best quotes. While looking for car insurance comparison, most drivers prefer to look for quotes that suit their interests most aptly. That’s why they have been advised to provide full details, including personal information that may have nothing to with car insurance anyway,

Personal details like occupation, marital status and miles covered by the car are recommended to be provided to the car insurers so as to avail reduced premiums for low risk drivers. A recent study claimed that even if a driver had a collision from two years ago, about 17% of the policies offered a no claims bonus cover that safeguarded the driver. Some 5000 policies were scrutinised in order to bring about this result.

Other surveys and research have claimed that including maximum personal details in the insurance policy cover is directly beneficial to the driver since it helps to significantly lower annual premiums. Other areas of interest that should also be included are the parking status of your car, where it is parked and the area where your car is mostly used. For example, parking in a secure garage will help avail cheaper insurance premiums for the driver. They will also lead to a more accurate quote, reflected on one’s behaviour and driving habits, which will consequently reduce the premium itself.

Insurers, think tanks and car experts have repeatedly urged drivers to ensure that their policy details are well-noted and tailored to fit their own personal requirements. Double-checking policies before signing is another must-do for all drivers, said the experts. Finally, it is stressed to have a safety blanket to cover your vehicle in case you meet with an accident involving an uninsured car.