Protect Car Contents to Save Insurance Claims

The car insurance experts warn the parents to avoid leaving the valuable baby equipments in the car overnight to prevent any probable accident.

According to a research, parents leave the baby equipments worth several thousands in the cars making the vehicles an attractive option for stealing by thieves; thereby endangering the insurance policy. While travelling the parents keep essential baby items but they risk the car security by leaving these things in car.

According to a research, around two third of the parents admit that they leave the baby pushchairs in the car. With 66% of parents cars having pushchairs overnight can further lure the car robbers for theft. With 52% of parents cars filled with expensive toys, thief notices the probable car.

35% of cars have costly books left overnight, which the parents use to divert the attention of kids. The parents also carry spare coats to change in case the clothes are spoiled but 24% of the parents leave them in the car overnight. Even parents carry travel cots in the car to ensure peaceful sleep to the kids but 4% of them leave it in car overnight.

In a survey, around 58% of the UK drivers have admitted to keep the items overnight in the car to avoid carrying them in and out from home every day. The expensive baby equipments are the costly items that can be stolen if the car is broken.

The car owner needs to take extra care while leaving the baby equipments in car. Either it should be locked out of sight of thieves or take out the equipment to keep it safe overnight.

The irresponsible drivers leave expensive items in the car making their car further unsafe and you get tough quotes from car insurance comparison site. It is better to keep the baby equipments in home to ensure car safety.

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