Professions Likely to Have a Dominant Role in Insurance Claims

It is well known that car insurance comparison sites pay good heed to the professions. It has been seen that some of the professions have a greater tendency for accidents as well as injuries. shows that doctors have the most likely tendency to be the worst drivers in UK thus, liable to the costliest of the insurance policies registered under their names. Furthermore, it can seen that after the general physicians that formed about 33% of the risky driving, professions such as that of psychologists, hospital doctors, as well as dentists form the remaining of the category making the medical professional a potentially risk-laden group.
It has been seen that even people belonging to this group with perfect eyesight tend to crash more often than the other drivers. Furthermore, it does not mean that people who have perfect eyesight are exempt from making crashes. Policemen are also among the dominant group making insurance claims ranging close to 27% of the cases. As far as the other professions are concerned, solicitors, accountants have a tendency to make more claims as opposed to the ones who have low earnings, thus forming about 65% of the population. Farm workers, painters, as well as mechanics are less likely to claim however their roles cannot be altogether denied.

It should be understood that the insurance claims as well as accidents are prone to all driving groups however owing to certain factors such as night time driving, deprived sleep as well as stress excludes certain groups as the potential threat to driving as well as the insurance companies. While a person from medical profession is likely to find themselves driving in the middle of the night, diminished attention and sleeplessness could potentially drive them to have poor judgement of the road situations. Car insurance comparison sites believe that professions are likely to play a dominant role in determining the ones who make the most number of claims.
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