Poor eyesight can increase your car insurance premiums

When you claim money for your accident, insurance companies will look deeply into the matter. The company will have interest in knowing how you maintained your car. If your vehicle has worn out tyres because of which accident happened, your insurer may not pay you the claim at all. By all means, you vehicle or the driver should be totally roadworthy to make a valid claim.

It is the duty of the driver to maintain his car and his body to a desired level. Poor vision or deteriorated eyesight can spell dangers of a crash. Most of the people do not have perfect eyesight and there are professional opticians to correct their vision through spectacles or lenses. You should always wear the prescribed spectacles or contact lenses while you are driving. A regular eye check up is also necessary to maintain a perfect vision while driving in rush areas, during nights, or on highways.
Insurance company can simply refuse to pay if they find that accident was caused by the driver’s negligence. Car insurance comparison sites help you in comparing different insurers and the degree to which they cover your risks.

The law clearly states that a driver who is not meeting the minimum level of eyesight and vision quality must not drive any vehicle and must surrender their license. The drivers who are declared fit to drive must be able to read a number plate of dimension 50mm x 79mm from a distance of 20 meters. This test allows the driver to use his glasses prescribed by his optician. Hiding your disability from the authorities is a criminal offence.

In UK, an aged driver of above 70 years of age must get their fitness form filled every three years that confirms their proper vision to drive a vehicle. They must fill these standard forms so that they do not have to surrender their driving licenses. Online car insurance comparison sites are good sources to find out a best car insurance policy for your vehicle as per your age and eyesight condition.

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