Police To Seize Cars From Driveways Or Garages With No Insurance

Now the police do not have to wait for any judicial agreement to seize the cars without any insurance. According to the new regulations, the police can seize the cars without insurance whether on driveways or standing in garage.

Every year, the uninsured drivers cause accidents and injuries that cost around £400m which is paid by central fund. But the law abiding motorists have to bear the cost by paying £30 extra on their insurance premium. Now with seizing of uninsured vehicles, there will be no more unsafe vehicles running on road. This will reduce the accident number as well as the premium charges too.

These regulations might caught the honest motorists inadvertently as some of the motor owners insure their vehicles for summer use in vacation and during winter keep them uninsured standing in the garage. But now they will also either have to get their car insured for complete year or get it seized by the police.

Some of the motorists keep their car off road due to repair and restoration and in the meantime their policy collapse which they do not used to bother earlier. But now they will have to either renew their policy or take a formal off-road declaration for their vehicle.

Sometimes the car owners lend their car to their relative or friend assuming that they will take care of the insurance cover. If they do not do so and the car is caught uninsured, the registered user will be fined. So check the car insurance comparison site to get a suitable car insurance policy deal right now.

The new regulations for continuous insurance enforcement are based on the Motor Insurance Database which is a central record for insurance polices of cars and other vehicles. The data will be compared with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency records and the vehicles that are registered but not insured will be seized by the police.

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