People in favor of the new insurance reforms

The police officers will have new powers. This move it being taken by the department to make sure that people take car insurance policies. The movement has gathered support from the public as well. This is a planned move from the government. A poll was conducted to see the amount of people that support the fact that new offences should be created for the people who do not have a car insurance policy in place. Under the law, it is illegal to drive a car without a valid car insurance policy.

If you do not have a policy, make sure you buy one from the car insurance comparison sites to stay away from being a victim of the new laws. According to the survey, almost 75% of the women, 43% of people of age 18-24 and 64% men agree that stern actions be taken against the defaulters. They think positively when it comes to changing the laws and bringing about a transformation in what people think of car insurance.

This is a demographic trend and the reason behind this is that the young drivers are made to pay more for the car insurance policies and thus they stay away from taking policies. They instead prefer paying fines rather than getting a policy. Under the new law, the police can also issue penalties for the cars that are not eve being driven and are staying inside the private property of a particular person. The police already had powers to confiscate the vehicles but now they will even be having the power to penalize the vehicle owners.
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