Participating in the Goodwood Revival? Time to Check the Classic Car Insurance

Coming September will see one of the most important events in the United Kingdom, where for once the modern cars will sit safe in garages while the classic cars will take all the limelight. Goodwood Revival, is simply the best times to fall for motor racing, which easily makes it an important British motor sporting event.
The classic cars will be back on the race circuits showing breathtaking manoeuvres from the wartime. The event also includes the manoeuvres pertaining to the aerial moves made famous during the war period. Because of the profound importance that this event holds for Britain, the Goodwood Revival is considered a unique festive event.

With Britain, gearing up its classic cars for the event, the car insurance comparison sites warn the participants to look over their respective insurance policies before entering the race. Classic cars form an important clause in the insurance sector, it becomes essential to understand that these cars come under the high-risk group category. Being outdated models, these cars do not have easy accessibility to the repair parts as well as the replacement options. Furthermore, using them in an event, which requires dangerous manoeuvres, would increase the interest premiums of these cars.

The car insurance comparison sites offer five important schemes for the vintage cars under the following categories:

 Veteran insurance is for the cars dating back to 1904.
 Edwardian insurance is for the cars that have been manufactured between 1905 and 1918.
 Vintage car insurance is for the cars between 1919 and 1930.
 The Classic cars before 1973 form a separate category.
 The Cherished insurance group includes the cars that are rare and are collectible, preferably 5 to 10 years old.

Although, not all of the insurers offer solutions for classic and vintage cars, it is essential that you check through the quotes for finding a valid cover for your car. You can also try your current car insurer, which gives you the benefit of multi-car discount, thus bettering your spending on the insurance.

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