Overloaded Vehicles Threaten Safety And Insurance Claim

The Easter holidays are taking brits to holiday destinations but the drivers are risking the passenger safety by overloading their car. The overworked suspension due to overloaded vehicle might pose a threat to the safety of the vehicle and the passengers travelling in it.

Around 6.7 million brits drive to UK holiday destinations during the Easter break and one out of 10 drivers tries to full the car to brim with the passengers.

Eight out of ten motorists do not have any idea of the weight carrying capacity of their car so they keep on stuffing the passengers in their vehicle during the holidays to earn maximum benefits. The UK roads are not in good condition due to the harsh winter that damaged the road surface and potholes making it difficult to drive.

The overloaded vehicle will have strained wheel bearings and suspension systems, which can cause a puncture or wheel misbalancing resulting in an accident. The braking effectiveness will also be reduced due to overloading so the car and its passengers might at risk. The steering will become harder to control making difficult for the driver to drive and reach the destination safely. More worse, the engine might get overheated which can result in car breakdown thus spoiling your holiday plan.

The insurer does not cover the car breakdown due to the fault of the driver so in the absence of claim you will have to pay for the repair by yourself. The insurance owners can search for a worthy car insurer during the holidays at car insurance comparison site to cover the risk while travelling out for Easter holidays.

The insurer due to higher risk of accident does not cover the overloaded vehicle so it is wise to drive safely with a manageable number of passengers in your vehicle.

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