Online Driving License Data Could Result In Cheaper Car Insurance Premiums

Surely anything that can be done to help either contain or reduce car insurance premiums has got to be supported especially with so many struggling to pay their household bills. Therefore, it was great to hear some good news emanating from the DVLA.

your driving license records will soon be available online to your car inurer

Soon, car insurance companies will be able to access your driving license records online

Apparently, the DVLA are shortly to go live with a system that will enable car insurance companies to automatically verify the driving license records of motorists here in the UK. So, if you do have 6 points on your driving license, there will be no point in trying to deceive the car insurer which, apparently, is what some drivers do no doubt with the intention of keeping their premiums lower.

What a lot of people will not have been aware of is that car insurance companies build a little extra cost into your premium to take into account the fact that we do have a number of less than honest motorists on our roads here in the UK.

This may come as a surprise to you but premiums may reduce by as much as £15 per annum due to this IT enhancement/collaboration between the DVLA and car insurance companies. Furthermore, hiring a car may also become cheaper as there is less paperwork involved. Great news, we are sure you will agree.

The scheme is called the My License Project and is expected to go live sometime in March 2014 so you will not have to wait too long although it will be interesting to see how long it will take for any reduction in car insurance premiums to filter through to the policyholder.

Interestingly, the government are hoping that, by the end of 2014, they will be able to save in excess of £1.2 billion due to improvements in IT. This is further good news as it will no doubt assist in bringing down the country’s budget deficit.

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