One Day Car Insurance For Learner Drivers

Dayinsure are a specialist temporary insurance company who, in partnership with Aviva, have introduced a car insurance policy that will permit learner drivers to purchase car insurance for as short a period as only one day.

It is estimated that it will take someone an average of 45 hours to learn to drive and with driving lessons sometimes costing £20 to £30 per hour many learner drivers prefer to have some lessons in a friend or relative’s car.

Learner drivers can arrange car insurance for one day.

One day car insurance is available for learner drivers

However, this then involves the owner of the vehicle adding the learner driver to his or her policy for 12 months resulting in a hefty increase in premiums.

Dennis Ryan, who is the chairman of Dayinsure who provide cover of between one to twenty eight days on motorhomes, vans, classic cars and cars stated: “Adding a learner driver to an existing annual insurance policy can be very expensive for family or friends, often increasing the cost by several hundred pounds.

“And for some families whose only household car is a company vehicle, adding a young learner to an existing insurance policy simply isn’t an option.”

Dayinsure have got together with Aviva to provide car insurance for learner drivers from one to ninety days from as little as £2.50 per day on a car insurance policy that will last for eighty four days. Learner drivers will not be able to drive between 10pm and 6am that is a time when a lot of young drivers have accidents. The excess on the policy is to be £250.

The learner driver must possess a provisional driving license, be at least 17 years of age and be accompanied by a driver who is at least 25 years of age and who is in possession of a full driving license for a minimum period of 3 years. The car that is to be driven must not have more than 6 seats and cannot belong to the learner driver.

Insurance cover can be purchased on the Internet with the insurance documents being e-mailed straight away enabling the learner driver to have a lesson on the same day.