Older women paying more premiums than young boys

Older women are paying more car insurance premiums as compared to the young men. This is something shocking and it is seen that as men grow older, their car insurance premiums decline and this is just the opposite case. According to the researches that have been done, it is seen that older women are paying more car insurance premiums than the 25 year old men. According to these figures, you would be able to see that the older women are thus considered to be more dangerous when behind the wheels.

After retirement, women have to pay more car insurance premiums. To avoid this, there is just one way and that is to go to car insurance comparison sites so that the women can find lower car insurance premiums and can save money. The average cost of insurance for a 55 year old woman would be around £186 but as the age increases, the insurance premiums rise to almost £375 for women who are aged around 85 years. In the yesteryears, it was noticed that men who were 25 years of age were paying the highest insurance premiums. This statement is just not true and thus older women are ahead in the race.

All this is due to the reason that women in the older age are more involved in accidents and thus the companies charge more from them. When women are younger, they pay less as compared to the men and this is because they drive carefully and are not involved in car accidents that often. They are good drivers till the age of forty years and after that the accident rate increases and the women are thus charged more.

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