Old Cars Insurance Holders- Beware

The car owners who believe that their old cars are safe as compared to new stylish cars must think twice. According to a new survey, the older cars are favourites of thieves. The most frequently stolen cars are Nissan Sunny, Rover Metro and Vauxhall Nova whereas the luxury cars Audi S3 and Jaguar S-type are at fourth and fifth place.

Car owners are generally of this impression that high-end cars are the most favourite target of car thieves. The thieves do steal away luxury cars but the older models, as the old models of hatch and luxury cars have less safety features as compared to new models so they are easy to steal. The old models of executive cars being stolen include S-type Jaguar, Rover Metro, X-type Jaguar, Jeep Wrangler and Fiat Cinquecento.

The car insurance comparison site also reveals that the cars with less safety devices are more prone to theft and have high premium charges. Irrespective of your car model, you can still install safety devices to save on insurance premium.

The car owners who left their valuables in the car provide opportunity to the thief to either smash their car glass or steal it away. Even good security system does not work in such conditions so it is better to be alert than to be sorry. The car if not parked in the garage must not have any valuable item to allure the thieves.

It is better to crosscheck the doors and windows of the car even if you have to do few minutes of small work. In case you have valuable in your car and cannot carry while shopping then keep them off from any kind of view.

The car with good music system also attracts the car thieves so before getting out of the car, take along the music system. You can put it some safety devices in your car like car alarm, engine immobiliser and steering wheel lock, which will prevent the thief from any action.

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