Office of Fair Trading to scrutinize car insurance comparison sites

There are a number of car insurance comparison sites that make false claims and fool the people. To keep a check on these websites, the Office of Fair trading will investigate them. Deadline of 18 September has been given and comments are being sought from the consumers and industry. After the deadline, the office will go for a detailed check on the practices that the websites have taken to dupe the customers and give them wrong information. They make the customers believe that their websites offer the cheapest prices and make the people buy products from them.

If the websites are found guilty, they may even be asked to change their way of operating. They will be asked to move on to a model that is less profitable and more beneficial to the consumers. All the websites that compare the car insurance and other rates are coming under the scrutiny and advertising campaigns of these websites will also be coming under the lens so that they can be checked for following the wrong practices.

Last year as well, a number of websites were told to change the way they operate or end their practices. It was found that the customers found that the prices were high when they reached the end of the deal. They felt cheated and this is why the authorities have taken this step to protect the interest of the consumers. The British Insurance Broker’s Association had carried out a campaign and said that the main problem is for the insurance quotes as the websites make them appear cheaper by not including the excess. The consumers sometimes opt for policies that have £100 or £200 excess and this is the reason why the price of the policy often goes up.

There are about 40 such sites that have come under the scanner and one of the most sold and the most competitive products is the car insurance as most of the people go online to search for it.

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