Now Insurance Companies Take to Fraudulent Means after the UK Drivers

One of the prominent financing websites in UK has countered the increase in the admin fees by the car insurance comparison sites as a potential fraudulent approach. The latest developments in the UK insurance market ask insurance customers to pay for modifying their details in their insurance policies. The past week brought an additional £55 to the insurance companies for changing any of the existing information on the insurance policies. It seems that insurance sector has entered into crooked means just as UK drivers have taken to fraudulent methods to earn money from their car insurance.
The motor insurance head of the website claimed that car insurance companies have resorted to menial ways to save up on the declining sector. People have been charged for changing petty information such as that of marital status, which shows the desperate times of the insurance sector. Furthermore, the head also said that although the recalculation of the insurance holder’s risk may be an appropriate issue that can be charged and which may ultimately increase the premiums, charging for modifying information seems to demonstrate scandalous schemes. It is seen that some of the insurance companies could not even find enough validation for their fees hinting that insurance companies have become inclined to approach by fraudulent means.

According to the chief executive at Which? the UK insurance holders should be treated fair and with justice in order to expect any successful changes in the insurance sector. Car insurance comparison sites cannot go on blatantly asking admin fees when it is obvious that the changes are modest and without much significance. Furthermore, any of the administration fees asked by the insurance companies need to be transparent and proportionate without which they will be considered as a heinous attempt at piling money from innocent UK insurance holders. Make sure that you have read the details of the insurance policies before agreeing on with the insurance cover.

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