Now Affordable Car Insurance Deal for Learners

Now the young learners can enjoy more driving without paying massive premiums on the car insurance policy or endangering the no-claim bonus of their parents. A new form of insurance policy will help learners to learn the driving skills without any fear of being penalised or not getting any claim in the event of any damage.

Companies now offer cars as well as insurance deals to the new drivers aiming the learners or new drivers. The insurance cover cost is around £90.95 and £99.50 per month excluding the learners added on high-powered cars. The car insurance policy premium will be based on the place you live and the type of car you drive. Now the no-claim bonus of the parents will not be in danger, as this is a complete policy by the name of the learner. The new policy tackles the dilemma of the youngsters who are unable to do driving practice on their parent’s car, as their insurer will not cover it.

In most of the UK regions, the insurance companies do not offer any cover to driver aged fewer than 21 or at some places its 25. Even some companies will not allow adding you as provisional driver on the insurance policies. If some companies allow adding the young drivers in the policy then they charge £1,000 to £3,000 for a year.

Whereas the Driving Standards Agency advises the learners to practice for more than 22 hours even after 45 hours of professional driving instruction so that they can easily clear the driving test afterwards. Earlier the car insurance comparison site also shows high cost of insurance for learners which encouraged them to drive uninsured but with new car insurance policy for learners, safe motoring will be encouraged. As this way, they can practice more and become better driver.

The learners can either easily get the policy though the motoring accessory store, brokers or by company it. The details of the insurance scheme are included in L-plates packs.

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