No Insurance Cover For Misfuelled Cars Of Young Drivers

The young drivers do not get any insurance cover if the car met with an accident or breakdown after refuelling the vehicle. Sometimes, the young car owners use wrong fuel in hurry that causes damage or breakdown of the car. Most of the insurance companies do not offer any breakdown cover for the misfuelled cars.

Misfuelling is quite common as people more often use wrong fuel but in such instance, they will have to pay extra for the breakdown service. The insurance company will come and rescue the insurance owner from the situation but the company will charge its customers for offering breakdown service after misfuelling.

Young motorists are urged to remain careful while refueling their car at ny pump as if any misfuelling is done then they will not get the insurance cover due to breakdown.

If you put the wrong fuel in your car then you will not only have to bear the repair bills but also added charges of tow away service that will take your car to the service centre.

The insurance company will not lend his hand for any kind of help to the car owner so the customer has to pay for transporting the damaged car to the garage and then the repair charges too. Even if you see car insurance comparison site then most of the insurance companies do not offer young drivers any breakdown cover after misfuelling.

According to an analysis, around 23% of the motor breakdown policies do not cover their customers if the breakdown is done due to misfuleling. It is advisable to read the insurance document carefully.

The small prints in the advertisement and document are needed to be read with care. If you find that your insurance policy is not providing sufficient cover, you can withdraw the policy. However, most of the insurance companies charge £85 while you withdraw the policy so take your decision wisely.

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