New Proposals on Personal Injury Insurance by Lawyers

The Justice Secretary has restricted “no win, no fee” of personal injury lawyers by introducing green paper on civil litigation costs. According to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, the new ruling will only “hit the weakest the hardest”.

Both have different opinion as the justice secretary wants to curb the increasing cost of personal injury lawyer, which affects the premium charges also whereas the personal injury association wants to protect the suffered claimants by offering them maximum claim amount to recover.

According to the new proposal, the recovery of success fee and any associated costs is abolished from the agreement of “no win, no fee”. Now the claimant of the car insurance policy will pay the success fee of the lawyer by himself and there will be no sharing or commission on the profit after winning the case.

This way the claimants will take interest in the controlling of costs that’s being incurred on their behalf. While taking a new policy, check car insurance comparison site to see the latest updates in insurance quotes of the car insurance policy due to the new ruling.

According to the president of APIL, the new proposal will benefit only the negligent person and his insurer who will collect good amount of premium from him to cover the damage cost. Now the damages happening during any collision are quite low as the Law Commission recommendations also mark the damages in line only.

The proposed increase will not be able to cover the cost of injured person happened during accident due to which he will have to face the shortfall in his recovery and damage repair also.

The people who will be worse affected are the one who suffers from serious catastrophic injury. As the damages are quite high and the suffered claimant needs good amount of money for recovery.
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