Need of electronic certificates to stay away from fines

The postal strike has affected the people adversely. Paperwork is sent to the policy holders through post and if this is not available, people can face fines and penalties. This is the reason why AA insurance suggests the introduction of documents being issued electronically. People sometimes leave their insurance policy renewal to the last minute. As the strike is going on, they will have to face problems and will not be able to get the documents by post. If you have an insurance policy which is due for renewal, you can either wait for the government to issue electronic documents or get new policy from car insurance comparison sites.

All the information about the insurance policies that are to be renewed is available to the police with the help of database for motor insurance and they will know if your insurance expires. There is a risk of being caught and fines can also be imposed in such a case. If you do not want to pay hefty fines or get your car confiscated, make sure you take a step soon. The government is delaying the issuing of electronic documents. The popular view is that it will be a good step if the government does this. Most of the people are glad that such a step is being taken.

Earlier this year, reports showed that one out of every 20 British drivers was not insured. Police then confiscated their cars and other vehicles. You need to know that the paper work is only a backup for the insurance policy. All the information is stored in the electronic form. Delay has been caused to the people who had to renew their car insurance due to the postal strike and this is the only reason behind this step being taken. If the drivers are unable to produce the documents, they may have to face difficulties.

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