Myths related to Discrimination on Insurance Premium Due To Car Colour

Many car owners are of the opinion that the car colour influences the insurance premium. The motorists believe that the black cars are hard to see in night while white cars are easier to locate. The red cars are perceived to go faster than the other colours of car.

However, when it is about car insurance, many are still in doubt, does the car colour really affect the premium price. According to a research, you might see some insurance premium differentiation based on the car colour but that happens while buying the comprehensive car insurance policy.

This differentiation depends on the insurance provider selected by you, as many insurance companies do not consider car colour while offering quote. The price of each colour plays an important role for the insurers who ask for car colour while quoting the price.

While testing the myth, red and black colours were expensive to insure whereas white cars have cheapest covers, as found on the comparison of comprehensive car insurance quotes.

According to the study, the price difference is because of the dark colour cars that are more involved in accidents as compared to light shaded cars. Especially at dusk, the car owners with dark colours have more chances of meeting with accident as compared to light shade car holder.

If your provider differentiates in insurance premium on the basis of car colour, it is advisable to buy the low insurance zone car colour. One can get cheap insurance quotes through car insurance comparison site whether it is on the basis of car make or colour.

The effect of car colour on accident rate is prevalent so it is better to avoid risky colours and drive safely. Even the experienced drivers are advised to buy car of fine shade instead of darker ones as the car of dark shades look fine in light but in night, the risk of accident increases with dark collared cars whether of any make or model.

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