Motorists Wasting their Money on Insurance with Automatic Renewal

One among the leading car insurance comparison sites believes that UK motorists have been wasting huge amount when they allow the automatic renewal of the insurance cover. The average amount varies between £233 for a single year, indicating that motorists have been spending £92 more than the amount paid in the previous calendar year.
With the car industry gearing up to see an increase in sales as early as September, estimates show that over 8.9 million UK drivers would go for renewal of their insurance policy, and most of them preferring the automatic renewal. However, the top-brains in the financing industry ask the drivers to understand that automatic renewal often do not come with apt low-cost solutions, a major cue that the drivers are looking forward. The experts in the insurance industry believe that making use of the car insurance comparison sites would help drivers to land with a low premium policy.

It is a trend that the insurance sectors sees often- when it comes to policy renewal, people do not look beyond the policy from the current insurer. Close to 15% of the driving population, believe that they will not be able to get a better deal while another 10% consider auto-renewal is the best means to save time and hard work. North East and London stand as the population toppers without showing any interest in gaining a low-priced cover. The senior citizens are known to stay loyal to the current insurer while groups including young drivers as well as adults do not prefer to continue with their present insurers if they get a better option somewhere else.

This trend seems to come as a surprise as drivers are not trying their level best to get a low rate policy even under the current insurance sector scenario. It should be understood that insurers will not be willing to provide a low premium insurance cover, which is why, comparing the quotes from different car insurance comparison sites would be the plausible solution for averting the crisis.

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