Motorists told to carry out tyre checks

Be wary of tyre damage

Be wary of tyre damage

Car Insurance Comparison – Motorists have been told to ensure that they check their tyres before embarking on their Easter driving vacations. With over ten million people expected to hit the road over the Easter Break, Protyre has warned motorists to give their tyres once over in a bid to decrease the likelihood of an accident.

Among the tasks that the motorists could carry out to check their tyres are ensuring they are pumped up, removing stones from the tyre tread and making sure that they pass the legal limit of 1.6mm of tread. Simon Hiorns, Retail Director at Protyre said, “It’s easy to forget to check your tyres with all the distractions of an Easter gateway, but they are critical to the safety of your vehicle”.

Motorists may also wish to know that being at fault in an accident and needing to make a claim on a cheap car insurance policy can also lead to the cost of car insurance quote rising in the coming days.

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