Motorists in UK are clueless about car maintenance

A survey done by a car insurance comparison website has revealed startling information about motorists in the UK. A staggering 57% say that they cannot change a car tyre while 47% say that they cannot even find the jack, and the fact that they don’t even know how to properly operate it. While a staggering 72% of motorists admitted that they do not know how to check their brake fluid levels and another 69% admitted that they have no idea on how to check the engine coolant. The most shocking revelation of all came when 48% of drivers confessed that they do not even read the owner’s manual which comes with the car.

These facts and figures may seem very hilarious and funny at first, but when you realise that there are about 28.5 million cars in the UK and every ill maintained car is a road accident waiting to happen, then things start to get serious. Not being able to change the type is the least of your worries. If a car is badly maintained and the level of brake fluid becomes low, air can get into the brake lines and your car could have a serious problem and stop working at all. A low level of engine coolant can cause your car to overheat and could lead to other malfunctions.

Katie Shephard, spokesperson for Brake, which is a UK based road safety charity organisation, has said that of all the things that people do on a daily basis, driving is one of the most dangerous. 5 people are killed daily while driving while 65 more are injured on a daily basis. This makes it very important that all drivers keep performing regular maintenance checks on their cars to make sure that they are safe enough to be driven.