Motor Insurers Accused of Profiteering from Bad Weather

Due to the extended winter season this time, the insurers are forced to pay extra premium price for using winter tyres in their vehicle. According to car insurance comparison site, some of the car insurance companies are charging the insurers who have admitted of using winter tyres in their vehicles this season.

The insurance firms have raised the premium prices up to 20% for the winter tyre users. The call centre staff of the insurance firms is mistaking the situation of fitting winter tyres in car as a modification in the vehicle. Therefore, they tick the appropriate box in the application online, which automatically raises the premium prices of the policy. The spokesperson for the AA is defending the insurance firms by believing that it is not a deliberate action by the insurance firms as the winter tyre is taken as car modification, which is causing the rise in premium prices.

The winter tyres are used to increase the safety of the vehicle on UK roads due to heavy snowfall and ice. The winter tyres can be used throughout the year and in winters, these tyres work well even when the temperature falls below seven degree Celsius. Due to the low temperature, the tyre of the vehicle starts hardening and loses the ability of gripping properly on road so it becomes necessity to replace the normal tyres with the winter tyres to drive safely on road. In some European countries, it is a legal necessity to use winter tyres in your vehicle.

The Chairman of TyreSafe has also commented on penalising the drivers for using safety measure to drive safely on the road. Many road accidents are caused due to tyre so we should actively encourage the drivers to fit winter tyres and show responsible behaviour towards the society. This way we can avoid injuries and deaths caused by car accidents related to tyre in this winter season.

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