Motor Insurance May Be Required For Lawnmowers

You may be interested to read that, following a ruling by the European Court of Justice back in 2014, people may need to arrange motor insurance on the likes of sit-on lawnmowers and golf buggies. This follows a case involving a person who was up a ladder on private farmland that was knocked by a tractor trailer resulting in the individual falling off the ladder.

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It may become necessary to arrange motor insurance on the likes of sit-on lawnmowers.

Apparently, at the time the insurance company who provided motor insurance refused to meet any claim as the accident took place on private land. The above court disagreed and feels that such incidents should be covered by motor insurance.

The Department of Transport here in the UK is considering how best to implement this with insurers and is consulting with others in this respect. It means that a variety of vehicles could need to be insured on private land such as golf buggies, dodgems, vehicles for agricultural use and mobility scooters to name but a few. It would be interesting to see what the UK does when it leaves the European Union about this issue.

We will endeavor to continue to keep our readers updated about the above as things develop.

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