More than half drivers on the UK roads unaware of traffic lights’ sequence

A new research has revealed that more than 50 per cent of all the drivers in the United Kingdom are not aware of the sequence of the traffic lights. A leading online car retailer in the UK surveyed on a thousand car insurance policy holding drivers and asked them to name the next signal after color amber on the traffic signal. Just less than half, that is 48 per cent of people gave the correct answer Red, almost 39 per cent of the people guessed that the light will turn green after amber. A driver should be a skillful one with lesser risk to himself and other people on the road. If he is a risky driver, his insurance premiums may also be soaring high. You can visit car insurance comparison sites to check the various quotes being offered to you.
One tenth of the drivers answered that the traffic light sequence is a green signal and then and then amber signal. While, six per cent people answered that the sequence was red and then amber. The experts at the leading car retailer and their chief executive officer were surprised by the fact that a very less number of people remember the correct sequence of the traffic light.
The CEO at the company also added that a driver on the road should always be aware and remember the importance of each color in the traffic signal. Amber light signifies an instruction to stop unless it is safe to do it. Pedestrians may be at a great risk if people expect a green signal after amber. Statistics say that every year in London, 2.4 personal injury claims from accidents are at traffic lights. Perhaps we know the reason now. Car insurance comparison sites are a helpful source for finding out a cheap premium for your car insurance policy even if you are a risky driver with lesser driving skill sets.
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