More than 1 Million Drivers without Car Insurance

A recent survey reveals that over 4% of the UK motorists have been on the roads without an appropriate car insurance cover. The Research conducted by MIB or the Motor Insurance Bureau confirms that over 1.5 million drivers have been driving on the UK roads without car insurance cover. Although, the figures have dropped from 5% to the current value, it still does not hint at any positive signs in the near or far future. The research data indicates that close to 1 million UK motorists have continued to drive with insurance cover and yet the insurance sector and the law could not impose any stringent acts to curb this growing menace. This practice followed by the drivers in UK has been one among the top contributors for adding £30 to the premiums of the legitimate drivers in the UK. It is seen that the honest drivers, who have taken efforts to use car insurance comparison sites and use it with efficiency, suffer the crash costs involving the illegal motorists.
Although the data hints at a serious drop in the number of uninsured drivers because of the increase in police vigilance as well as because of Motor Insurance Database, the values still have a gruelling effect on the insurance sector. The Motor Insurance Database was launched with the sole purpose of identifying the uninsured vehicles or is running with an expired insurance cover and so far, it has worked with good efficiency.

Motor Insurance Bureau has asked the UK car owners to check for the presence of their insurance details as to whether they are reflected among the insurance policies. The drivers also have the option to enter the car registration details and numbers within the Motor Insurance Database to avoid any intricacies that may arise later. The best means would be to register themselves and their insurance cover with DVLA, which would make sure that their cars do not get scanned as uninsured.

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